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The company “AS commerce- STAN” ltd. is situated in Belgrade, 17 Obalskih Radnika Street. The company was established in 1994 and from the very beginning it is exclusively engaged in execution of civil engineering and finishing works on buildings. The company has successfully completed works on many exclusive structures by employing its own technical capacities.Our employees are technically qualified engineers provided with all licenses required for execution of construction and installation works.

The company possesses all necessary machinery (excavators, loaders, trucks, auto cranes, compressors...), as well as all required equipment for execution of works (formwork, scaffolding, workshops, as well as all professional hand tools).

Anual turnover from performing construction works is three to four bilion euros, depending on type of objects. Note that the company has always been solvent and had positive balance in every financial year.

The company has the following licenses:
I090A1 – Designing and development of architectural designs of structures situated in the zone of protected cultural properties of significant importance registered on the World Heritage List
I090A2 – Execution of construction and finishing works in the protected zone of cultural properties of significant importance registered on the World Heritage List issued by the competent Ministry

The company has established management systems acoording to the following standards:
SRPS ISO 9001/2008 – Quality Management System
SRPS ISO 14001/2005 – Environmental Management System
SRPS OHSAS 18001/2007 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

List of the most sucessful works performed in Serbia during the previos years is stated
Moskva Hotel, Belgrade (reconstruction)
Business Register Agency, Belgrade (reconstruction)
Business Register Agency, archive Building, Belgrade (reconstruction)
Reconstruction of City of Belgrade Council (four floors)
Italian Cultural Centre, Belgrade (reconstruction and extension)
Helenic Cultural Centre, Belgrade (reconstruction)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (federal minister cabinet and related premises)
The Republic of Congo Ambassador’s residence, Belgrade (reconstruction)
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Belgrade (reconstruction)
Denmark Embassy in Belgrade (reconstruction)
American Embassy pavilions (reconstruction)
Peru Ambassador’s residence in Belgrade (reconstruction)
Russian Trade Centre, Belgrade (reconstruction)
Reconstruction of the Shopping Centre in Mestroviceva Street, Belgrade
Čukarica Municipality, Belgrade (refurbishment)
New Belgrade Municipality, (reconstruction)
Reconstruction and extension of the Municipality building in Indjija
Sports stadium in Feketić (construction)
Technical school in Novi Pazar (reconstruction and extension)
Sports stadium in Banatski Karlovci (construction)
Numerous residential buildings in Belgrade and Serbia